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AngelList Add Like

Add like.

AngelList Delete Like

Delete Like

Facebook Delete Album Likes

Unlikes the album

Facebook Get Album Likes

The likes made on this album

Facebook Post Album Likes

Likes the album

Facebook Delete Checkin Likes

Unlikes this checkin.

Facebook Get Checkin Likes

Users who like this checkin.

Facebook Post Checkin Likes

Likes this checkin.

Facebook Delete Comment Likes

Unlikes the comment

Facebook Get Comment Likes

All the likes on this comment

Facebook Post Comment Likes

Likes the comment

Facebook Delete Link Likes

Unlikes this link.

Facebook Get Link Likes

Users who like this link.

Facebook Post Link Likes

Likes this link.

Facebook Delete Note Likes

Unlikes this note.

Facebook Get Note Likes

Users who like this note.

Facebook Post Note Likes

Likes this note.

Facebook Delete Photo Likes

Unlikes this photo.

Facebook Get Photo Likes

Users who like this photo.

Facebook Post Photo Likes

Likes this photo.

Facebook Delete Add Likes

Unlikes this post.

Facebook Get Add Likes

Users who like this post.

Facebook Post Add Likes

Likes this post.

Facebook Delete Status Likes

Unlikes this status.

Facebook Get Status Likes

Users who like this status.

Facebook Post Status Likes

Likes this status.

Facebook Get User Likes

All the pages this user has liked.

Facebook Get User Likes Page

Checks if the user likes the given page.

Facebook Delete Veo Likes

Unlikes this video.

Facebook Get Veo Likes

Users who like this video.

Facebook Post Veo Likes

Likes this video.

GIG & CROWD Post Gigme Likes Sync

Post gigme likes sync.

LinkedIn Get Companies Updates Key Update Key Likes

Get companies updates key update key likes

Meetup Comment Likes

Api for listing likes of a given event comment

Meetup Event Comment and Reply Likes

Returns lists of likes for an event comment or reply

Tumblr Get User Likes

Use this method to retrieve the liked posts that match the OAuth credentials submitted with the request.

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